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The Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Have you seen loads of articles that claim to know one particular ‘magic’ exercise that will help you lose weight like no other? Truth bomb – it’s a gimmick. The only exercise that will help you lose weight is the one that you do consistently, as a lifestyle.

That’s why a great fitness routine is more about psychology than physiology, finding an exercise routine that will keep you interested and accountable will bring you lasting results. In a nutshell: Many people don’t succeed long term because they focus only on physical fitness not mental health.

Lofty weight loss and fitness goals are often made when people are frustrated or flat – they tend to be extreme, involving complete life overhauls rather than practical solutions. That’s what good coaching is all about, not yelling at you to go harder or faster (unless you benefit from that), but supporting you to identify the next doable step and clear, compelling goals that excite but not overwhelm you. Of course it is critical that a Trainer has sound nutritional training and exercise programming skills. But the key is that they are able to give you the support you need to build helpful thought patterns while you build healthy sustainable habits.

At Fitness Revolution, we passionately believe that our job is to kick out the gimmicks and tear down notions of super fit bodies, willpower, sacrifice, extreme exercise and dieting which push visions of health and fitness beyond the realm of possibility for many people.

So whatever you do, make sure that your fitness plan is more than just another ‘miracle diet’ or ‘magic’ fat shredding exercise – ensure it will support you to develop mental fitness. You will then have the resources to succeed and be fulfilled in many areas of your life.

Coach Nicky McKimmie

  • B.A (Anthropology)
  • Fitness Australia - Level 2 Exercise Professional
  • Nutrition Coach: Precision Nutrition Level One & Two Certified
  • Australian Weightlifting Federation – Level 1 Coach
  • Pre & Post Natal (Exercise in the Child Bearing Year)

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