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Stupid Diet & Exercise Gimmicks I’ve Tried Part 5

I’ve written a few articles about stupid diets I’ve done, but how about an exercise gimmick I’ve fallen for.

Back in the mid 1990’s the latest fat busting gizmo all over the infomercials was a revolutionary new device that was going to give me flat sexy abs in just 3 minutes a day. I did a double take, just 3 minutes a day? Wow, that’s easy! I watched with anticipation, fingers on the phone ready to dial while being sucked in by testimonials of people losing 10kg!

This was probably my first introduction to an infomercial that I was interested in. It was almost too good to be true, but I could see how ripped these people were, I was sold in!

Within a week my ab rocker arrived and I was so excited that I put it together and started straight away. Each day I did about 150 reps of situps, situps with my legs to the side, situps with my legs in the air making sure I didn’t miss out on any muscles.

After about 2 weeks, I couldn’t see any difference. I mustn’t be doing enough situps I thought, so I doubled them to 300. Another 2 weeks went by…. I still wasn’t looking ripped and my abs looked no different. Do I double it to 600? That must be it I thought. After 6 weeks in total I gave up.

There was no way I was going to do 1200 situps a day and I felt ripped off, not ripped. I was angry and wanted an explanation so I found the box with the instructions, which had been left unread as I was too eager to get started. ‘Results may vary’ I kept reading…. Something along the lines of ‘you must stick to a healthy diet and add some cardio exercise’.

Deflated, I realised 3 minutes a day was too good to be true.

Today we are flooded with exercise infomercials and knowing what it really takes to be fit and healthy, there is no ‘revolutionary device’ that’s going to short cut what eating healthy and getting your heart rate up will do. I have a giggle at these infomercials at their outrageous claims, but I also feel compassion towards the people that buy them thinking that’s going to solve their problems.

What I don’t like is seeing people ripped off. Spruikers make outrageous claims even knowing that maybe some of these people could have a low self-esteem and are finally ready to change their lives but are destined to fail. There is no way they are going to end up looking like the fitness models hired to demonstrate these devices, who before that day had never used one.

It is because of our personal experiences and belief that integrity gets you everywhere, that we are committed to designing programs that are realistic, simple to follow that guarantee results – no fads, no gimmicks.

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