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No More Long Boring Cardio

Have you ever entered a gym to see all the cardio equipment (treadmills/bikes/elliptical) completely chockers with people cruising for long periods of time and maybe even reading a magazine? Few people know that short periods of high intensity training (HIT) will burn significantly more fat and improve your strength faster than long steady sessions of cardio.

In a society obsessed with quick and convenient – pills – shakes – crazy diets or a newly discovered fungus from a mountain top that dissolves fat blah blah etc…… it seems odd that many people would choose long boring cardio as their workout routine when they could opt for a more effective routine in half the time.

Having worked in a gym I’ve watched the procession of new members slogging it out for an hour or more, eventually becoming bored, quitting and wasting their non-refundable gym membership…and so it goes on.

To be fair, I will give them credit for at least doing something and I am pretty sure I have done the same at some point before I learnt to work smarter not harder.

Many disenchanted gym goers will give up on exercise, throw it in the too hard basket and buy the next crazy diet plan or pill, but some will make the right choice. They will get expert advice and hire a good Personal Trainer who can design a routine with both variety and exercises specific to their needs.

I have nothing against gyms, I’ve been a member of big gyms, small gyms and as I said I have even worked in them. However, I found them too impersonal and if you don’t know what you are doing, have injuries, need to be accountable or want results fast it is difficult to get it right in an impersonal environment. Any of our clients will tell you, impersonal is not our style.

If you’re missing group classes, we will check in with you, if you’re not at my PT session, you can bet I’m on the phone straight away. Why do we do that? Because we want to see results and help stay on the path to feeling, not just thinking, that exercise is a must. We have seen too many people pay for a service that actually put them off healthy living; it is our mission to reverse this trend.

With my own training, I prefer to train with people who are trying to be the best they can be, they inspire me every day and keep me accountable and we always find a way to have a good laugh.

So, do you want a routine that will give you more benefits than 1 hour of cardio in half the time?????

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Angela Gawthorne Mobile Personal Training Specialist Fitness Revolution

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