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Is Mental Clutter holding you back?

Does just getting to the gym feel like an epic challenge, the mental equivalent of exiting a hoarders house – packed to the roof with resistance and obstacles?

Time and time again we meet people who say ‘this time’ and sign up for yet another membership, expecting it to be different.

Until you’ve formed a habit, understanding that you can’t rely on self-control is the beginning of the great ‘uncluttering’; recognising that you need support to un-clutter when life gets in the way.

On days when we’re low, stressed and comfort eating is a trip to the pantry away, the promise of a new healthy body and lifestyle seem like a distant dream, even a fairy tale.

Resisting temptation is a form of stress which is why relying on self-control is so hard on stressful days. You only have so much self-control before your willpower is exhausted.

This is where a support network and a trained Coach step into – a gym membership will only get you so far, a support network will help you stay consistent until you start to experience the benefits and feel pulled not pushed to your goal.

A gym must be less about machines and more about the support you need to help you solve problems and confront challenges along the way, replace negative images with positive ones and create new outcomes for old, worn-out scripts.

The bottom line: when you're trying to make a difficult change, save your strength for what matters most, turning up – we’ll take care of the rest.

Coach Nicky McKimmie

  • B.A (Anthropology)
  • Fitness Australia - Level 2 Exercise Professional
  • Nutrition Coach: Precision Nutrition Level One & Two Certified
  • Australian Weightlifting Federation – Level 1 Coach
  • Pre & Post Natal (Exercise in the Child Bearing Year)