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Are You Wise To Portion Size? Taking Control Without Dieting

f you want to maintain a healthy weight it’s important to remember that even if you make healthy food choices, you can have too much of a good thing.

But how much is too much?

Many of our clients initially lose a few extra kilos by changing the types of food choices they make. For example, they switch from a glass of juice to a piece of fruit or change from sugar loaded sauces and toppings to fresh low sugar and sugar free varieties.

Once these initial changes have been embraced and the daily diet has been ‘tweaked’ it is not uncommon for those seeking to lose excess body-fat to experience a plateau.

Unsure of what to do next, some may choose to see a nutritionist, get a controlled meal plan or go on the latest diet craze.

While checking in with a great Nutritionist/Dietician is something we always recommend, you can also follow a simple set of portion size guidelines that you can apply at every meal.

To make changes that LAST, make sure that you learn how to correctly portion your meal sizes.

Use your hands as a guide with the main staples:

Eating Out – Don’t Super-Size You!

Remember, portion sizes have increased considerably over the last two decades & yet we are more sedentary than ever before.

When you eat out, stay in control of the portion sizes – don’t feel you have to order the main or the large portion or everything you are served. Be mindful of how active your day is and how much food you need to fuel it.

And lastly….

Of course these guidelines are general; we’ve kept it simple for easy recall. So there could be some variation when size, gender and daily level of activity are taken into consideration.

If you want to check how much these portion size guidelines apply to you – ask your Trainer to recommend a Nutritionist or have a look at the Australian Dietary Guidelines: