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Are You Procrastinating? Will You Regret It?

Have you ever felt like a lead weight stuck to the couch, trying to ignore your guilty conscience and not think about that thing you feel you ‘should’ do? If not, you are an exception to the rule.

Most people at some time or another have experienced this internal struggle. For some of us it is fleeting, for others it is a regular and epic battle – especially for those suffering from mental and/or physical fatigue, anxiety or depression. Sometimes it is simply a case of that thing we ‘should do’ feels like a chore or task we’d rather not have to face.

I know that in my experience procrastination is not only a time waster; it has an impact on self-image and self-respect. It is easy to start comparing yourself to others who appear to be highly motivated and mentally punish yourself for all of the things you feel you have failed to accomplish (no doubt they were doing the same thing earlier that day).

But this is an unhelpful and toxic headspace to linger in. As is often the case, the more you think ‘I should be better’ the more you find yourself stuck to the couch.

Next time you find yourself in this predicament, try to take a mental step back and consider the language you are using.

For example, do you say – ‘I should be…’ – ‘Why am I not good enough at..’ – ‘I’m so lazy’ – ‘What is wrong with me..?’ etc.

Hardly motivating stuff is it. How about trying these thoughts on for size?

‘Will doing ……get me closer to my goals?’ – ‘I will feel so much better once it is done’ – ‘I want to feel proud of myself’ – ‘I will reward myself for doing it’ – ‘I am worth it’ – ‘I know it’s not as hard as I imagine it will be’ – ‘I am tired (for example) right now but will feel better when my body is moving’.

You are not the first person on the planet to struggle with commitment, motivation, inspiration, goal setting, fatigue, self-esteem, direction etc. So don’t be so hard on yourself.

And if it is a workout you are putting off or procrastinating over – just remember ‘You Never Regret A Workout’ – the endorphins tell me so.

Nicky McKimmie Mobile Personal Training Specialist Fitness Revolution

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