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Group Fitness Training

A boredom free zone where you're surrounded by like minded and fun loving people

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We are a diverse fun loving community that helps keep you accountable and wanting more.

You’re never alone in our sessions. You can ask Coach questions as you go and surround yourself with support while you work out at your level.

MetCon – 30 minute metabolic conditioning guaranteed to fire up your metabolism and burn fat for the next 24 hours. All fitness levels (beginner options provided).

Body Sculpt – 45 minute strength and minimal cardio, designed to build lean muscle and lose weight. All fitness levels.

Partner Power – 45 min partner up, but still work at your own pace. A fun mixed workout combining strength, endurance and cardio with bonus high fives galore. All fitness levels.

Cardio Zone – 45 min working out in the cardio zone to improve cardiovascular health with an added bonus of the endorphins and sweat. All fitness levels.

Mid-Week Mixer – 45 min total body workout combining different training styles including strength, endurance and cardio. All fitness levels.

Pilates – 45 min working on on a strong centre of body or your ‘core’ emphasising posture, balance and flexibility. All fitness levels.

Strong & Stretch – 45 min unlocking hidden potential by focusing on increasing flexibility, range of motion, stress reduction and stability. All fitness levels.

I love the Fit Rev coaches, team, atmosphere and vibe. Who knew training could be so fun? I have lost over 20kg and don’t ever want to stop training. I definitely recommend Fit Rev - it’s the best gym you’ll ever find!

- Julie Syme

FitRev is my family. They have helped me to become the best version of myself.

- Charle Kruger

For the first time ever I can actually say I love exercising

- Adam Osborne

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